But at Thirty Years of Age, Through Frolic and In Rage


I'm going to see 311 tonight. I'm excited because they put on an awesome show.

Or at least they did three years ago. I went to that show with my brother, who was so excited his face was pretty much permanently as you see above.

This time, I'm going with Raw and Casey. Casey seems to be pretty excited about it, but Raw is not.

"We're going to be the oldest people there."

Yeah, Raw is feeling pretty old lately. I didn't want to make a big deal about it because I know she wasn't happy about it, but apparently I'm in the doghouse with Casey because I didn't mention it. And that's bullcrap. I can never win.

Raw had one of those milestone birthdays recently. Which one? Well, I'll let her tell you.

How Many?

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Anonymous said...

I saw 311 last year in KC. I was 51 then. I was not the oldest one there:) I bet you guys were NOT close to the oldest people at the Cotillion.Hexum is 39 and SA turns 40 in October.
Now you kids get off my lawn!