RiverFest 2009

"Your painting certainly had color and confusion at times. All the small dots and sweeps of the brush were each and every day of your life.... Maybe my dad wasn't even aware of what he painted because he was so close to it. Maybe he had no idea how it was all going to work out. But for sure, he believed in his art. He believed in the effort and the joy of his work. He loved the feel of the brush in his hand and the paint on canvas, and he kept painting because he had faith and because he loved it.
"As I look out on you today -- all of you, in many colors -- I see all the brush stokes. I see all the dots. I see all the people, the color, the canvas of my dad's life.
"I can stand back from it and I can see the plan. I can see the whole picture. He really did paint an incredible masterpiece, and it's you. It's all of you. You are my dad's living masterpiece."

The Wichita Eagle

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