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Coffee and Rock

I dig a Chai Latte.

It's best when Nighat makes it for me, but I'll order it elsewhere. I'm not big on coffee (unless it comes with sugar and something creamy), so it gives me something to order when everyone is taking it black.

I had a lovely one at Milton's last month. Trader Joe's has a mix that isn't too shabby. The Donut Whole is always out.

Today, I was observing at my old banking center. I realized I was going to be there pretty early, so I decided I'd stop to get a drink at Starbucks. For old times' sake. We drank a lot of Starbucks back when I worked at the branch. There's not a lot of good coffee on South Seneca.

They used to be pretty quick at that Starbucks. But it's different people. And it took forever to get my chai! So I did what everyone does these days and hit up the Twitter.

Six minutes waiting for my chai latte with no end in sight. Maybe Starbucks was a bad idea.
What a mistake! I got bombarded with messages and responses, most of all saying something along the lines of "Starbucks is always a bad idea."

It was on the way, people!

Until Mr. Smith starts roasting some pumpkin or eggnog coffee, I may hit a Starbucks now and then!

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