And You're On the List Baby

The Pool

So yesterday I was watching this show called "Sluts at the Pool."

Okay. So maybe that's not what it was called. It was something about the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas, but there were lots of sluts in bikinis and big hair.

They showed this cabana chick and the whole time she's serving her group, she's asking when they're going to tip her. I was cringing.

Who does that? If you asked me when I was going to tip you, I would leave you a PENNY!

And so when they only leave her $300, she chases him down and yells at him. "YOU OWE ME AT LEAST $600!!!"

I would have taken my money back and punched her in the face!

I was relieved when she started crying and her boss fired her. "I don't see you complaining when they tip you too much!"

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