I've Got all I Need: Spirit, Hope and Joy

One of These Beans . . .

I don't do well taking my pills on an empty stomach. I know that's true for most people. But I really don't do well.

I'm supposed to take my pills in the morning, but am never hungry first thing. So I wait until I get to work and am all nice and settled before I take my giant horse pills.

I have a nice routine going that helps me remember to take my pills. While my computer is booting, I get out my daily dose. Then I eat a ZBar while I read the 800 emails that have arrived in the short time I've been away from work. Then I go fill my cup with coffee and my Kanteen with water. By that time, my yummy ZBar is usually nicely settled enough that I can take my pills.

The other day, my neighbor at work saw my pills on my desk.

"Good Lord! That's a lot of pills! Are you dying?!?"

She didn't even all of them!

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