Remember Long Ago, Together Laughing


Yes, I'm that crazy fool who went to WAL-MART of all places today after busting my hump at work. Seriously! I thought the day before Thanksgiving was supposed to be a total slacker day!

When I got home, I had a bunch of heavy bags loading down my arms, but I decided to go ahead and grab my mail.

I saw there was a postcard from Philadelphia. I wasn't going to stand out in the cold to read it so I headed inside. "Who do I know that was in Philadelphia recently?"

I racked my brain but couldn't think of anyone. I figured I got someone else's mail. I hoped the message was juicy!

Once I made my way into The Penthome, I read the card.

Hi! Do you remember me? It's Lisa!
Of course I remember Lisa! She was only the coolest person I knew as a kid!

My mom and Lisa taught at the same school and became good friends. She was young and pretty and made me laugh. She always smelled good but I remember she would come over in the summer awesomely tanned and smelling coconutty.

Her parents were even awesome! We stayed with them once while my mom and Lisa were hanging out in Kansas City. I remember playing with bubbles and they even gave me a Care Bear!

When I was still very young, she quit teaching to go back to school and moved to Lawrence. Eventually, she moved even further away to Fargo, where she started teaching college courses. I'm sure my mom and I were pretty bummed, but I don't remember. It's only her awesomeness that made its mark on my brain.

I'm pretty sure her cool factor hasn't faded. When I was living in Lawrence, Lisa took Raw and me to dinner. There was no boring lull in the conversation and everyone had a good time. Raw also recognized Lisa was amazing. And not just because she paid the bill!

This is who I want to be for the poomongers. That brilliant chick who was incredibly fun to hang out with. If I make even half the impression in their minds, I'll be happy.

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