With My Favorite Red Spoon

Bret Does Jill's Hair

When I was little, there was always room for everyone at Mamo's dining table. Jill and I always sat together so we could continue our non-stop streak of holiday giggling.

One holiday, we thought it would be hilarious to fling a piece of corn across the table. We hid the spoon between us and put a piece of corn in. We held the spoon together and prepared for launch.

But we would never do it. We were good kids. Or rather, we just didn't want to get in trouble.

I'm not sure what happened. Maybe we were laughing so hard that we were convulsing. Perhaps our subconscious desires took over.

Somehow we let go of the end of the spoon and suddenly it was all slow motion. The corn sailed over the table and onto the floor. Our mouths dropped open in horror as we knew we'd get in trouble.

We looked around the table. Did our mothers see it? No! They're gabbing away! Our dads are busy chowing down! We got away with--

And then we saw BJ's face. His eyes were open wide, a forkful of food stopped just short of his mouth.

In a stare-down that lasted a few seconds but seemed like forever, we fretted. Would he tell on us? We held our breaths.

And then BJ just shook his head and continued eating. We could breathe again! And stop playing with our food.

I didn't fling any food today, but only because Jill wasn't there to trick me into doing bad things!

Happy Turkey Day!

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