Tip Toe Around, Tie Him Down

Peter Pan, DJ Lance and Ariel

Sophia and Sadie are both sleeping in "big girl" beds, now. Sometimes, anyway.

You see, without bars to hold them in, the girls like to roam. Up and down the stairs. Into the toy room. Crawling into Mommy's "really big girl bed."

Raw's been trying to bribe them. She'll buy little toys like bouncy balls or stickers. If the girls stay in bed all night, they get a prize in the morning.

Fortunately, the girls don't win every night or Raw might be in the poor house!

But it's also unfortunate. It's hard for anyone to get a good rest if everyone's getting hauled back to bed.

Jacque was telling me about an article she read recently and I keep forgetting to tell Raw. I always remember after everyone's bedtime. So I'll put it here and hopefully she'll see it sometime!

This mom somewhere came up with an idea to give her kid a special money cup. Every night at bedtime, the mom would put five pennies into the money cup. Every time he got out of bed for no good reason, the mom would take a penny away. When the cup was full of pennies, they would count them up and go buy something.

The girls are pretty into money, so I'm thinking this might work for them.

Until they start asking for a raise.

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