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Whiskey Shots???

Yeah so apparently I need to clarify . . . nothing went badly between Tonya and I. Other than the fact we never manage to hang out and I don't get my hair did nearly often enough.

When we do manage to hang out, we always have a good time. As we did last night.

And we had a good time with a celebrity. Or, at least in the presence of a celebrity. Kirstie Alley is from Wichita and visits relatively frequently. I guess she's in town and was hungry for some hibachi.

After we had finished eating, I stepped out to the ladies' room and when I returned, Tonya had a funny look on her face. "The bartender just brought these. He said someone at the bar bought them for us."

I looked down and saw two shots sitting on the table. When I grabbed my glass, I noticed it was hot. "Warm sake? Who sent them?"

The bartender hadn't told her who sent the shots, so we looked toward the bar. Usually, when someone buys you a drink, they try to come sit with you. If not, they'll at least wave to acknowledge you. But nobody even looked up.

I noticed Kirstie was gone, so I've decided she bought us the shots. It was her way of saying "Thanks for not being like the rest of the jerks in this place who were staring at me the whole time I ate."

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