When the Stakes all Are High

Rhinestones for Bowie in Black and White

My pal at work, Wayne and I have been playing a game the last couple of days.

Yes! We're still working! I was just as productive today as I am when I'm not playing.

It's not a very exciting game. And there's really not much in the way of rules. We stick our iPods on shuffle and compare songs.

"Ben Folds Five, 'Landed.'"

"Linkin Park 'Some Stupid Song'" *

"I win!"

All day. I know. It's not very exciting. But I won on Friday! My iPod pulled out a brilliant array of music! Today . . . not so much. This is what I had to offer for one challenge:

*This is not the real title of this song. I just don't like Linkin Park. I won that challenge!

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