You Wear the Pants, Buddy Good for You


Last weekend, I was hanging out with Sophia and Sadie, when Sophia felt the need to pull her pants up really high.

"You look like my Uncle Nort!"

Raw looked at me funny. She'd never heard of my Uncle Nort.

I don't remember him all that well. I can't remember his voice or anything he said, but I remember he was always nice to me. And I have very clear visions of him.

For some reason, when I think of him, I have a memory of him standing on the tee box for hole nine, leaning on his golf club. I'm sure there are a lot of people who have the same type of memory of him.

My Uncle Nort was quite a vision. His style was . . . unique. He always wore a collared Polo-style shirt. Quite unremarkable. The style was in the pants. They were the leisure-suity polyestery plaid pants with lovely bell bottoms. And he always had them pulled up high.

Last night, at dinner, Sophia suddenly said "I'm gonna be Uncle Nork!"

I laughed. That girl always surprises me with her memory.

"Who is Uncle Nork?" Mary asked. "All week, she's been talking about Uncle Nork!"


Long live Aunt Bee's influence and the memory of Uncle Nort!

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