Tired of Wearing Black and Blue

Well, it had to happen sometime.

Tough Guy

I'm surprised it took this long. Evan is the first poomonger to get stitches.

He spent the entire ride to Urgent Care trying to convince Jacque he didn't need stitches. The doctor thought otherwise. And miraculously, nobody had to hold Evan down.

I went with Jacque and Evan to "get the whiskers pulled out." Evan was very quiet on the way. This is very unusual. He's rarely quiet when I'm around.

In the waiting room, he clung to Jacque, his eyes wide with apprehension.

They called his name and I stayed in my seat, hoping I wouldn't hear any screaming. Minutes later, Evan came running through the door.


I looked at his hand and saw he was carrying a little plastic jar. With his stitches inside.

Just a little something for the scrapbook, I guess!

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