What's the First Thing that Pops Into Your Mind When You Think of Your Father?

Sandwiches. Perhaps I should expand on that . . .


It's probably not the first thing I would normally think about but I'm sitting here eating a sandwich so it made me recall something Mamo said recently.

I was home for Memorial Day weekend and the only thing I was expected to accomplish was to fix Mamo's DVD/VCR recorder. So, of course, I saved it until the last minute.

I stopped by on my way out of town to find an empty house. My Uncle Dave and Aunt Deb had come by to pick Mamo up so they could place their flowers on the family's gravestones and Mamo could take hers home. This left me a lot of quiet time to make the fixes.

When they returned, Mamo had me stay for dinner. We had BBQ beef sandwiches. I loaded mine up with pickles and then returned the top bun. Then, as I normally do, I smashed the sandwich under my palm.

Deb and Dave looked at me like I was weird and he made some remark.

"You know who she gets that from!" Mamo answered for me. "She gets it from her dad! He always smashes his sandwiches, too!"

And I realized it's funny the habits you pick up from your parents. The way you smash your sandwich and dent your pop can. You cross your legs the same and throw your socks at people when you take them off.

I didn't say they were all good habits!

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