Be It Ever So Humble

Tomorrow I head back to the Valley after more than a week spent in the heart of America with friends and family.

Today was an especially difficult day. I said goodbye to a lot of family members. It seems like it has been a long week of goodbyes. I bid adieu once again to my loved ones, not knowing when I might see them again.

I have to remember that it has also been a vacation filled with awesome greetings...

BJ laughing and pointing at me as I approached the Navigator at the airport. Me, pointing and laughing back because he was in the backseat.

The Boy, running at me with a huge grin on my face hollering "AUNT BEEEEEEE!!!"

Being welcomed at the door in Missouri and discovering rum cake.

Saying hello to Allison for the first time in years and to her son Darian for the first time ever.

Being mobbed at the door by my gorgeous goddaughters and their cousins and Raw and Mary. Then turning around to see Tom walk in the door. Greeting Tom with a giant "TOOOOOM!!!!"

Having Evan greet me with a "Look at what I got!" and seeing his 150th Nerf gun.

Waking up to my brother coming home from work and having him try to fart in my face. Okay. Maybe that wasn't so awesome.

Walking in the door to Mamo's house and hearing several people exclaim "There she is!" before getting bear-hugged.

I am getting so sappy in my old age. It is really hard to go. But it is so nice to know whereever I may be...someone out there gives a shit about me.

Happy 2012!

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