Don't Speak

While at my parents' home this weekend, I read a couple of editions of the local newspaper.

There was a column printed from the Kansas wire.  The gist of the whole thing was that technology, namely mobile devices, are ruining our ability to communicate. I almost didn't read it because come on, how many stories have there been about this in the last few years. But the first bit caught my attention.

The author was disappointed because nobody pays attention to him in the airport.  Everyone is playing games on their iPads, reading books on their Kindles and are wearing earbuds.  He said that in ye olde days, travelling was a time when you got to learn about other people's hopes and dreams.

Hopes and dreams???

Today, as I headed back to Phoenix wearing earbuds, I kept freaking out that I might run into someone who would get waaaay too personal like that guy.

Little did I know the airports were safe. It wasn't until the train that I ended up being approached by a mouth-breather.

Maybe I should get a bigger set of headphones.

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