All My Roads, They Lead to You

I know it was probably a narcissistic gift, but many years ago, I had a years' worth of my blog published for a couple of special people.  As you can see, the inevitable happened and one of the poomongers found a copy.

So here's the thing...in the last few years, somehow I found a soul or something and with it came emotions.  It's awful.  I cry at stupid commercials, now.  Like the Frankie's Christmas commercial from Apple.  I'm one of those people, now.

I cried when I got this text message.  My reaction surprised me.  I mean, I'm new to this emotion thing.  I sat and thought about it as the tears kept coming.  I knew I wasn't upset at Sadie's discovery.  I loved that she found it because of her curiosity and OMG SHE LIKES TO READ!  And I was happy for her to read what I had written.  The whole point of this place was to store memories.

It finally hit me.  I'd been writing for them all along.  I was writing so I wouldn't forget to tell them things when they got older.  I was excited it was happening but also felt awful because I hadn't written in years.  

I'm not sure why I quit writing.  I'm sure there's several reasons. Raw, because she's the most supportive friend I've ever had, encouraged me to start writing again.  She told me I had a gift.

Then they came to visit.  The girls started in on me, immediately.  Sophia had also read the book.  They started bombarding me.  "I KNOW WHY YOU HATE WAL-MART!

They were only here for a few days but in that time, they said to me about one hundred times "You should write more!"  And so...at their request, here I am.

Girls, I can't promise a timeframe or even that anything will be good, but here we go again.