Meanwhile, Have Another Beer

Before he enjoyed the PBR

Happy birthday, little brother!

Today, you are 22. What a boring birthday, eh?

Seems hard to believe it's been twenty-two years ago that I was wishing my heart out for twins-one boy and one girl! It was going to be awesome! But my mom was lazy and only gave me one sibling. I was robbed, I tell you!

Now my little brother is actually pretty big. And old!

It seems like everyone is growing up too fast, these days. Tonight, I had my first car ride driven by Mitch.


It's like riding a roller coaster without any hills or safety-lock wheels.

Okay, I have to admit that most of the ride wasn't too bad. There were just a few moments . . . .

I used to drive Marcus around town and would often let him scoot over and steer. I missed the beginning of his actual driving days, though, since I was in Lawrence.

I was lucky enough to be home one day when a lot of the family was around. I can't remember why everyone was around, but Marcus went out to move the car and several of us, including BJ and my dad, went outisde.

My brother performed a feat he could have never done had he been trying. He backed the car out really fast and turned a perfect half-circle and started going up--backwards, mind you--into the neighbors' driveway!

Instead of freaking out or rushing to make sure he's okay, my family starts rolling on the ground laughing. I really have no idea what he thought he was doing or how he managed to it. Several years later, I can still see it in my head and it still cracks me up.

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