Can You Feel the Beat Within My Heart?

Can you feel it, Tonya? Huh? Can you?

Yesterday was Tonya's first day at her new school. I called her see how things went. She sounds really happy and really excited and in some not-so-secret place in my head, I'm disappointed. I was still half-hoping she would decide to come back.

Our first day without Tonya was relatively boring. Other than the tornadoes and scattered thunderstorms in Kansas. It was sad to not have to worry about whether she left her stuff out or not at the end of the night, but I think otherwise, it hasn't really hit us that she's not coming back.

Not that we should be on the ground miserable and bawling for lack of Tonya. We'll be seeing her quite often. The place really won't be the same without her just-a-little-off-beat singing and dancing. It's weird to listen to the radio and not hear her say "I love this song!" about every single tune. I'll miss laughing at the slimiest stinkiest guys who will ask for her number. The best times were when the same slimy guys would ask her if she was a lesbian because she refused their advances.

I just might even miss the way she threw paper clips at me or the way she punched the hell out of my arms. (Though she'll be happy to note I bruised the crap out of my arm myself today when I rammed it into the lock on the door.)

I am glad that she's happy with her new adventure and wish her the best of luck. But all that good will may fade if the new girl is no good. She starts on Thursday. Better cross your fingers, Tonya!

ps---I put up a few of the pictures I took over the weekend here.


Anonymous said...

sooo sad: (

Isaiah is making fun of me he said and I quote "your so stupid! You already know what's going on and yet you still read about it" Well yes Isaiah Tiff works really hard at keeping this website up to date and entertaining! I love it Tiff even if to my husband I'm "stupid"
Nighty night!
See you at work tomorrow we'll make stories worth writing about

AuntBee said...

Isaiah is still sore I beat him so badly at the bar playing that trivia game.