Sing it Loud as You Can

Happy Birthday, Unckie Beej!

Today is my Uncle BJ's birthday. I asked him what he was getting for his birthday and he replied "Probably bills!" He's always so optimistic.

When we were little girls, BJ would freak my cousin Jill and I out as often as he could. He has the ability to flip his eyelids inside out with a blink. We were secretly amazed by this feat and would pull the "Oh please never do that thing you can do with your eyes!" trick.

Of course he would do that thing with his eyes and we would squeal with disgust and shout "Gag me with a spoon!" Sometimes, we were appalled enough to declare the more torturous "Gag me with a wooden spoon!"

As we got older, Jill and I spent less time with the family and more time in the basement. Sometimes, we would be down there making soap operas with Hot Wheels. Now and then, we would be hurling pool balls at Marcus. Usually, we were just having girly chats.

BJ is a man of many toys and had bought a voice recorder with the tiny cassettes. It was cool and high-tech at the time. Lots of businessmen were using them for "Memo to Self" reasons. BJ's reasons were more demented.

At one family gathering, BJ snuck down to the basement before Jill and I claimed it as private to sneak the recorder underneath the couch. Little did our innocent minds know that our entire conversation about boys and friends was being taped!

When BJ informed us of his trickery, waving the recorder in front of us, we tried desperately to snatch it from his hands. We were mortified and of course it was the end of the world for someone to intrude upon our pre-adolescent privacy!

Lucky for us, the tape came out a garbled mess. *Phew!*

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