All of these Delusions of Grandeur

Curtains and an Empty Theatre
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Last night, Mitch drove us to see the new Star Wars movie.

The theatre was quite full for a Thursday night. We got there early and so I was lucky enough to get a seat right smack dab in the center. It was a big crowd, but everyone was quiet. Which is good, because you know how I hate it when someone's talking during my movie!

I've heard a lot of grumblings about how bad the acting is. It was generally crappy, but who goes to a Star Wars movie to see great acting?

The film was action-packed. You definitely got a lot of everything in this episode.

I was greatly disappointed, though. I kept hearing about this great Wookie war but didn't see much. I want more Wookie!

The whole audience laughed at a few parts. Mostly, when R2 was showing his badass side. But I was the only one chuckling when Vader met his demise. I know I must have evil in my heart to laugh at that! But it just seemed kinda silly!

About one-fourth of the way through the movie, I was regretting sitting in the middle. I really had to go! But there was no way I was going to climb over all those people in the dark and risk missing good parts of the film! So I sat uncomfortably through most of the movie.

Turns out Bret had the same problem and once the credits started rolling, he was rushing to the restroom, looking like Yoda as he bounced off the walls and flipped over peoples' heads.

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