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Riders on the Storm
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For me, last year's Memorial Day weekend was much the same as this one's will be. I had to work on Saturday and then was going to head back to Clay Center.

It was a bright, hot day, but you could feel the storms approaching. The drive was boring and there were surprisingly few people on the road.

Not to long after pasing through the giant metropolis of Durham, I noticed a Durango at the end of a driveway and a woman standing with her dog. She was waving quite frantically as I passed by.

I realized she probably needed some kind of help and instead of continuing on, like most women travelling alone should probably do, I slowed down and turned around.

I'm not quite sure why I decided to stop. I've never done it before, but she did seem quite hopeless. So it happens that I picked up my first hitchhiker.

So what if it turned out she was more of a stranded motorist? I still think I was quite brave and merciful to pick her up! Plus she thanked me by bringing a basket full of spa-at-home goodies to me at work.

I wonder if all hitchhikers are so nice?

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