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Jacque y Esqueleto
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Wednesday night, I went to out for dinner and shopping with Jacque. Jacque has a baby growing inside her!

I saw pictures of the baby and he looks like a tiny skeleton! I told her I was going to buy the baby HeMan toys.

"This is me, SheRa. Here you are--Skeletor. And this mean looking lady is your mommy, Evil Lynn!"

She wasn't too cool with that idea.

The creepiest part of the night was walking through the baby section of Dillard's. I've never noticed how crazy ladies will gather around an expectant mother. Three salespeople asked us if we needed any help. The last one kept hanging near us, saying "Feel this! Isn't this cute!" when really all we wanted to do was breeze through quickly.

She was showing us some fuzzy blanket when I looked up and realized there were three other women gathered and kind of hiding around Jacque with crazy "GIVE ME YOUR BABY!" looks in their eyes.

It totally freaked me out!

I decided it would be better for us to do the baby shopping online, so we went back to her house. We were looking at the Graco website. They have a pattern that's basically a bunch of Gs all over baby stuff. We decided it would really only work well if you had a baby with a name that started with G.

So I've taken it upon myself to think of "G" names for the Chris and Jacque's son. Everyone at the bank helped. Allie came up with several. Here are the fruits of our brainpower. Please, if you can think of any others, leave a comment.

Garrett, Grey, Grant, Grady, Gabriel, Gage, Gibson, Griffin, Griffith, Grayson, Graydon, Gavin, George, Gunnar.

Giovanni, Gabe, Galen, Gellar, Gifford, Gene, Gary, Giorgio, Gianni, Gus, Guy, Gerald, Gucci.

Geronimo, Gomez, Gilbert, Gil, Gadjet, Gunther, G-Unit, Garfield, Garth, Guster, Goofy, Gentry, Gip.

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