I Don't Mind not Knowing What I'm Headed for

I ate Nadia's Almond Joy
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I have a problem with impulse shopping. If I was rich, it wouldn't really be a big deal. Unfortunately, I am dirt poor!

I'm poor enough that most of my impulses don't make it out of the store. I'll see something I love and ooh it's on sale! I'll throw it in the cart and move along. Every now and then, I'll stop and take a look at it. "Hmmm, maybe I don't really need this."

Most times, I'll put the item back where it goes. Common sense has prevailed! There's other times, though, when the item is coveted enough to continue to blind me. I'll make it to the check-out lanes. While waiting, I'll start staring at it some more. "You can't afford this!"

Almost always, this is the last test. I'll turn around and put it back. "What could I have been thinking?" Almost always.

Now and then I make it all the way to my home with the precious. Then the terrible feeling of dread. "What is wrong with me? Why would I buy this? I don't even like this stupid thing! I need to take it back!"

Of course, there are times when impulse shopping turns out okay. Take, for instance, The Magic Bullet. That was impulse, BIG time. But I've used it more than any other blender and it's still holding up. It really is the best chile maker I've ever had!

Sometimes people have the tendency to let impulses run their lives, too. I think they call it "instinct" or "gut feeling." Maybe "looking before you leap." Or even "What the hell are you doing, you big dummy???"

It seems that when a person is feeling really low, ignored, brave, cornered, helpless, sad, happy, frustrated, in love or any of the other strong or even not so strong emotions, one will act upon a crazy whim. There's no thought paid to how it will affect the people and situations around said person. There's no real study of how the future may be shaped by one impulsive decision.

If that person is lucky, everything turns out for the best and everyone is happy. Hopefully, when the decison is a dumb one, that person has enough time to change their minds and voice their regret before everything comes crashing down.

And if you're really lucky, I won't stay grumpy about your crazy ideas for more than a day.

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