How Sweet the Sound

Landon and Laikyn
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Saturday, we gathered at the lake to celebrate the twins' first birthday.

I hitched a ride with BJ, Doll and the kiddos. Mitch drove us most of the way, which was more cool than scary because we actually got to listen to music. We could actually hear the music. And it wasn't the same song over and over and over.

When we arrived, the party was going full-force. Jeremy was manning the grill while all the other guys drank beer and observed.

When asked if he could believe it had been a year, Jeremy told us "You know, I was just telling Sharon that it seems like it's only been a year since we've been married but eighteen years since we've had the kids."

Inside the cabin, the pool table was serving as a giant buffet full of food. There was a giant pile of presents and an inflatable pool set up in the corner.

Landon was taking a nap, preparing for his big day. His sister, proving she definitely belongs to our family, was too distracted by the party to sleep.

Once all the burgers and dogs were cooked, everyone rushed inside. BJ was holding Landon and Laikyn was in the pool, ready to eat.

We stood around, shushed each other and finally everyone was quiet. Getting everyone quiet is a miracle so Jill rushed to say Grace.

"Bless us,
oh Lord,
and these--"

Then BJ, always the child never paying attention, calls across the room "See, Doll? We could have another one of these!"

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