While the Leaves Still Dance on the Wind

I'm getting pretty old. My mind is starting to go.

My brain kind of works like a hungover 21 year-old. It will remember a spark of something or someone will remind me and suddenly the whole memory will come rushing back. "Oh yeah! I did that! Oh no! I totally did that!"

So Heart, Aunt Bee is basically a place for me to have a record of all these memories. They're kind of stupid and full of inside jokes. They're pretty unworthy and weird. But they're my memories and they're special to me. I've gotta store the cheese somewhere!

What brings this all up? Well, the other day, when talking to Allie Allie Bo Ballie in the drive, I had this totally random memory.

The birthday I had during my stay at University Terrace fell on a Saturday. Perfect for a birthday party, yes? Even more perfect? The Jayhawk Music Festival was scheduled for the same weekend. There were going to be a bunch of my friends from home piling into town for the double fests!

I was in an especially entertaining mood and was flying from group to group, eating ice cream cake and having good times. Most of my really good friends showed up, including Raw, John and Jaxon.

Raw, John and Jaxon are THE friends I took from my first year in Lawrence. They are the most important and the only ones I keep any kind of regular contact with.

We knew things were going to be different. This was our second year in Lawrence and I was living off-campus. Jaxon was getting into the theatre program and getting friends in different circles. We were just heading different directions in the way all friends end up doing. You can't hang out every night playing legos together your whole life!

During that birthday party, with so many different circles of friends hanging out with us, I think it really began to sink into our four heads. Things were really changing. We really weren't going to be able to just jog up the stairs to pop our heads in to visit.

So we did what any normal foursome would do and locked ourselves in the bathroom. The four of us piled in the bathtub and sprawled on the floor, ignoring the pleas and beatings upon the door.

It really is one of the most fun and sweetest birthday memories ever!

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