You Leave Me Eating Dirt on the Side of the Road

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Happy Independence Day!

I'm spending my Fourth with my grandparents in Missouri.

They are really two of the nicest people you could ever meet. They make friends everywhere they go and have always spoiled their grandkids rotten.

When I was little, my grandparents would take me on rides through the country. I was always excited to go, especially since it meant being alone with them. It's easier to get spoiled that way!

I've never been scared of either of my grandparents. Neither has ever spanked or hit me, nor yelled at me.

Yet for some strange reason, when we would take these drives though the countryside, I had some strange irrational fear that my sweet, dear, loving grandparents were going to dump me out on the side of the road.

Where does a spoiled kid like me get a crazy idea like that? I don't know if I had seen a movie or something where that had happened or what.

I didn't tell my grandparents about this until I was in high school. The poor things were mortified!

Yesterday, when we were heading back into town from Chicken Mary's, my grandmother saw a road sign that indicated Lamar was twelve miles away.

"It's a long walk home!"

I immediately burst into (fake, drama queen) tears and cried "I knew it! I always knew this would happen!"

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