I Am the Storm and I Am the Wonder

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My day wasn't the greatest.

First, there was the whole hail debacle.

Then, my car was pulling to the right and feeling funny in turns. I take a look and my tire looks a little flat.

When I get down to get some air in the tire, there is no cap on the valve. Are you kidding me?

I buy some caps and then the tire isn't taking air right. So I'm pretty sure I have a bum tire. We'll see how it is tomorrow.

Just as I was getting ready to leave work, the tornado sirens started blaring. "Great. Just great.

I took a peek at the radar and listened to the weathermen. The rotation was actually pretty far from us and the weather dudes didn't seem too worried.

The girls in the drive didn't share the same calm attitude.

So, sweet and charming doll that I am, I volunteered to hang out with them.

It didn't take long for the sky to just start pouring rain. The streets around us flooded in like two seconds.

But it's just rain. Sure, it's hard to drive in and pouring so hard that you can't see, but it's not going to damage your car.

Yet we still had people decide to park under our drive-thru roof. While we're still open!

We tried to get their attention, but were ignored. So I headed out into the downpour.

"Sir," I said, with my hair and clothes plastered to my skin. "We're still open, so we'll need you to move, please."


It turns out the woman in the lane next to him was his wife.

"I understand. My car is getting hailed on, too, but--"


"Sir, you need to move your car. You are blocking the lane for our customers."

"@#&%!" Angry Guy exclaims and gives his wife a mobile phone. He reverses out and wifey just sits in my lane.

"Ma'am, I'm sorry but--"

Then Angry Guy throws his car into reverse and nearly backs over me. "SHE'S NOT LEAVING UNTIL I FIND A PLACE FOR HER TO BE SAFE!"

"She's welcome to wait in the parking lot, but I need this lane open."

And these aren't the only people I had to chase away!

Seriously! If it was really hot outside, would you walk into a bank when it was open, and lock the doors so that nobody could get in just to keep yourself from getting hot? No! So what makes people think they can use our drive-through when we're still open?

I guess the day wasn't all bad. I did get a raise.

But with people like that, I freakin' deserve that raise!

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