She Said, "I'm Ready for You."

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I'm getting all excited about the new Pearl Jam CD being released on May 2!

I was reading Austin Scagg's interview Eddie Vedder in Rolling Stone.

Scaggs asked Vedder:

What do you remember about your first gig, as Mookie Blaylock?

Mookie BlaylocK??? He's only one of my favorite University of Oklahoma basketball players.

I know I'm no super fan, but I just can't believe it's taken me this long to find this tidbit of information

Fans of the basketball player, the band Pearl Jam was originally named "Mookie Blaylock", but were forced to change. They settled on naming their debut album Ten after Blaylock's jersey number.

That's fifteen years in the dark!

Oh man. Fifteen years? I'm really old!

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