Happy Birthday to You

This post is part one in a series of four. Better get out your comfy chair!

Back in the Day

For the last few years, my birthdays have tended to suck.

I've been sick, others have been sick, my car has blown up, hurricanes have blown through . . . There's been a little bit of everything.

I know. A birthday is just any other day. But I've always been quite partial to mine. It's the one day that even complete strangers will give me a smile and a kind word.

And it's an excuse to party!

Most people you ask will say their last great birthday was their twenty-first. Mine was lame. It was on a Sunday and none of my friends were old enough to go to the bars with me. Boo!

So my last great birthday was my twentieth.

I turned the big two-zero on a Saturday after just getting settled into my apartment. I had tickets to the Jayhawk Music Fest and friends were visiting from out of town.

So of course, we had a party. Old friends, new friends all mingled in a beautiful mix.

I mean, can't you tell from the picture that it was a blast?

It really was. We even locked ourselves in the bathroom for awhile.

It sounds weird, but that's how I roll. And I had an awesome time.

Until I found out Catie and Jen had eaten my Gumby's pepperoni rolls.

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