You Live in a Zoo

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This year, for my birthday, a bunch of us got together and ate at Sumo.

Unfortunately, I did so much talking, I missed out on most of the show. And even a lot of the food.

But it was a good time. And I even got to go dancing afterwards!

But the best part by far happened before the whole group got together.

Nadia and Raymond picked Jacque and me up. We stopped at a bar before we headed to Sumo.

Jacque was just talking about how unlucky she is when some guy walked up to us with a drunk-lookin' girl. "Want to win K-State tickets?"

We had to play some game where the guy would ask us if little bits of trivia were fact or fiction. If we got it right, we got to peel a label off the chick's body and we won whatever was printed on the underside of the label.

Raymond guessed wrong and Nadia peeled off a blank label. Losers!

"A group of crows is called a murder."

"Fact!" I exclaimed.

I was right, of course and won a Miller Lite cup.

When Jacque got hers right, she grabbed a label right off the drunk chick's thigh. I started cheering.

Little Miss Unlucky had just won the tickets!

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