Took You from Dirt Bikes to Hondas

Air Hockey

You're all such kind, caring souls.

I can tell you're all concerned about my state of mind and about poor Michael getting slammed into my car door by the emails you sent asking what "Get on the Bus" is.

I guess I must be rubbing off on all of you.

"GOTB" is another car game developed while at KU. All the best ideas for car games originate on that campus.

Whenever we drove somewhere on campus, we were most likely going to pass by a bus stop. Usually, there was at least one person satnding there.

While passing by one such bus stop, Raw growled "Get on the bus!"

I laughed. She laughed. It turned into a game.

See, the idea is that our vehicle is the bus. And we're telling them to get on the bus. But we don't actually stop.

Get it?

Yeah. I'm telling you we were easily amused. We had to be. We were poor.

Hell, we're still poor and this stuff will always amuse us!

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