It Makes Me Mellow Down into My Soul

Goodbye, My Stampy

I love office supplies.

Paper clips, pens, highlighters, drawer organizers; I have some weird love for them all.

Some of my favorites are: Post-it pads (especially the super sticky and little ones), steno pads and Sharpies.

Luckily, my love for Sharpies put me on my current career path.

When I went in to interview for my job at the banking center, the manager asked me the normal "Why should I hire you?" questions.

Then she pulled out a surprise. "This is something I have all my interviewees do. My manager made me do it, so I know what it's like."

At this point, I kinda started freaking out. She made it sound so scary!

She pulled out an orange Sharpie. "Sell me this marker."

No problemo!

I pulled out my most obnoxious Forensics/Debate attitude. "This, my friend, is no ordinary marker!" I held the Sharpie up and started Barker's Beauties-style showcasing it with my hands. "This is a Sharpie!"

I went on and on about how durable it was and how the orange color was perfect for getting attention. Not to mention it would be awesome for cautionary messages! Just like the orange construction cones!

I'm really quite surprised at all the uses I found for a Sharpie. I thought I was captivating, but the manager kept looking around and didn't smile.

Which, of course, encouraged me to go on and on.

When I finally wore myself out, she said "Thank you," and called the assisstant manager over to her desk.

"This is OlaMae. Please sell her the Sharpie."

So off I went again. This time, it wasn't as spontaneous, which, as Michael will agree, means I wasn't as entertaining.

Which was obvious to me since OlaMae wouldn't smile at all! She just kept staring at me. I was, frankly, a little frightened.

" . . . and that's why you need this Sharpie," I finished.

OlaMae broke into laughter. "That was so good!"

"I know!" Jill cried. "I had to call you over so you could see it!"

Later that day, I had the job offered to me.

And you thought I was crazy for loving office supplies!

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