Wrong Place Wrong Car

KU Beats KSU

Saturday, BJ and I headed to Lawrence for the KU vs. KSU football game. Unlike last week, I left the purple at home and donned crimson and blue.

If you've ever been to KU's campus, you know that there is very little parking. When you have a record crowd of 51,821 people jamming themselves into Memorial Stadium, the little parking available might-as-well be non-existent!

I had decided it would be easiest to park at Raw and Casey's apartment complex. Sure, it was a good mile or so away, and walking back would be pretty much all uphill, but we wouldn't get stuck for hours just to get out of our parking place.

BJ was a little uneasy about the idea. He was afraid that without a parking permit, his vehicle would get towed. It took Casey and me about twenty minutes to convince him otherwise.

The game was pretty cool. I'll have more to tell you once the pictures decide to upload correctly.

We made it up the hill after the game and lo and behold . . . the car was gone!

No. It wasn't. But can you imagine what BJ's face would've looked like?

The next day, Raw called me.

"I just have to know something."

Am I the only one who thinks comments like that sound ominous?

"Did you have a note on your car when you left last night?"

"Noo . . .?"

"What does BJ drive?"

I tried to figure out why she was asking. I was figuring someone had complained about the big SUV in the lot.

"Is it black?"

"No. It's red. Did you put a note on the car?"

Raw giggled in her oh-man-I'm-so-embarassed way. "Yes! I wrote up a note about how you had to have a permit to park in this lot! 'Remove your vehicle before it is towed,' I wrote! I put it on the car that had a bunch of K-State stuff on it!"

We got a good laugh and then I called BJ immediately. He had about two chuckles before he said "She's even stupider than you! If that's possible!"

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