Listen to Me Ya Better Listen for Me Now

White December

Winter decided to show up yesterday.

I walked outside in a hoodie and regretted it. The wind tore right through it and froze me up in seconds.

Then, as I was driving to work, the sleet came pounding down.

Sure, it's not going to dent my car like the hail did. But it still hurt.

I know because, since my mirrors and windows were already covered in ice, I had to stick my head out the window to see if I could merge.

Today, it was snowing on my way to work. The roads, though, were really quite fine.

I got to work, and instead of a nice "Hey howya doin'?" I get something else.

"Great. Now we won't get to leave early because everyone is showing up!"

Hey, I would've loved to stay home!

The snow didn't stop. It was a near blizzard all day.

And the whining! "I just want to live!"

You live in Kansas! You deal with this stuff! Get over it!

Then at two, we all got an email saying we would be shutting down at three.

I felt like a kid. I have never gone home early from work because of weather!

Everyone was excited! People were talking about napping. Others had decided to bake.

I was challenging people to snowball fights. It all seemed like so much fun!

Until I had to drive home through the crap.

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