I Can Shoot a Partridge with a Single Cartridge

This Started Out as an Igloo

Last week, I helped Jacque make about a hundred coconutty snowmen.

I was the master artist behind the holly on the top hats. And the beautiful design on the one in front? All me.

The next morning, I woke up with a cold. Jacque offered to help me make shortbread.

I have never made shortbread before, and with Jacque's stand-up mixer, it was pretty easy.

And Jacque's help was greatly appreciated. Especially when I was leaning over to cut the shortbread and my nose decided to turn into a river.

"Hurry Jacque! You have to do this! I have to stop the flow!"

You'll be happy to know (especially if you ate some) no snot flavoring was added to my shortbread.

Raw called while I was at Jacque's. "Tell her 'Thank you!' for my Christmas card!"

Instead, I looked at Jacque and said "You sent them a Christmas card?"

Raw took this to mean I hadn't been sent one. "You didn't get one? Ha ha!"

"I got mine last week!"

"Yeah . . . well . . ." Raw stammered. "Let me look . . . Oh! This was in the mail from two weeks ago!"

"Oh yeah? Last night Jacque took me out for a Christmas dinner!"

"Well, my card had a hundred dollar bill in it!"

I hope your Christmas was merry!

And if you got a Christmas card from me, don't look too hard for any bills!

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