She's Pretty Tied Up and You Can Ride Her

Kansas in December

I feel like I've told this story before, so if you've heard it, go ahead and quit reading.

Sometimes I can't believe the things customers will tell complete strangers.

Just yesterday, I had a woman going on and on about how ill she has been. Which is fine. But she went into great detail and grossed me out.

"I've had the flu and I just had eye surgery. They screwed that up so I can't see very well. And I've had lyme disease for three years. It's been undiagnosed by everyone but me. They're morons down here. My poor dog died from lyme disease and I had to go to New York for them to tell me what I knew. I've lost half my brain from the parasites in my head so long."


And awhile back, I had the best call ever.

I had to handle several different accounts for one customer. Each of the accounts was in a different child's name.

One by one we went and after the fourth, he paused. Wondering if I needed to look up another account, I asked "Were there any more?"

"No. We had her tubes tied after that one."

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