I Ain't Getting Through, but Listen


Let me tell you why I'm not excited about Florida winning the championship bowl game.

Well, there's several reasons actually:
1. I hate Florida.
2. Stupid word games.
3. All the whining.

It seems like every year about this time, someone is crying about how they didn't make it to the championship game and they deserved to play.

This year, Boise State is the only unbeaten team in I-A college football. And a lot of people, including Coach Zabransky, were complaining about not getting to play for number one.

"We went 13-0 and beat everyone on our schedule," Zabransky said. "We deserve a chance at the national title."
I'm sorry. I'm as much for the underdogs as anyone (except when they're playing my favorite team), but you've got to compare the schedules. Sorry. I can't help but feel teams like Texas, LSU and Michigan weigh heavier.

Not that I was necessarily rooting for The Ohio State. I don't like them, either.

But having them finish undefeated would have quieted all the questioning of the BCS selection methods.

Oh well. I guess all the college football junkies need something to talk about until next season.

But while we're on the subject of football whining, why does Notre Dame always get to play in a BCS bowl? But wasn't it awesome to see them get creamed?

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