Sometimes You Gotta Fit In to Get In


So I had a pretty good Christmas. I scored a lot of good loot.

I piled all my opened presents under my mom and dad's Christmas tree so I could gaze upon them all day long. That's how much I liked my presents this year.

It was quite a pile, too. On top of my new grill/griddle, I piled shoes, knives, bath stuff, underwear . . .

That's right. I put my new Victoria's Secret 'Pink' underwear out for everyone to see. What's wrong with that? It's not like it was dirty.

At least I wasn't running around modeling it!

I went to several Christmas celebrations. You can see pictures of some here, here and here.

After all these get-togethers, my parents and I were worn out. We were very lazy the rest of the weekend.

One of these lazy days, my dad asked my mom if she had done any laundry.

"No. I told you I was going to do it tomorrow."

"Oh man! You mean I won't have any underwear for tomorrow?" He joked.

"No problem, Dad! I've got several pair you can choose from right there in that box under the tree!"

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