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First Bath

After my last post, I received some response. Mostly in the form of two questions:

1. What about your one picture per day?
2. What happened in February?

The whole "Take One" resolution has been a failure. I was taking at least one photograph per day and thought I was posting them.

At some point, I realized that, due to some sort of glitch, my photos had not been posted.

Unable to figure out what the deal was, I dealt with frustration the way I usually do:

I quit.

So that's your answer to number one.

As for number two, I don't really know what my deal was.

I was really grumpy in February. I can't even really pinpoint any one reason why.

I was having some strange sleeping habits. i still am. The older I get, the more sleep it seems I need to stay in a decent mood. I say decent because I'm always a bit on the cranky side.

I also had some issues return. Issues I thought I was done with and was pretty much over. But with friends in common, it's hard to be totally done.

As before, I'm not going to give you all the details. But it brought up a lot of hurt and anger. Mostly because I'm a pansy.

I also went into a financial tailspin.

I read a story in the Wichita Eagle about a retired woman who was living on $12,000 a year! I couldn't believe it! How is that possible? I can't imagine even trying! My rent alone is over half that!

That lady gets $600 a month from Social Security. I'm sure we won't even have Social Security by the time I'm old enough to receive it!

So now I'm a crazy person. I will stay up all night looking at my pension and 401K and freak out about how I'm going to do it. I'm obsessed with the idea my retirement funds aren't enough.

So there you have it. My inadequate excuses for my worthlessness in the month of February.

Things will pick up. Tomorrow, I'll tell you about the strippers!

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