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Maizey and Milo

Yes. I do know that I've been neglecting my duties. This poor place has been pretty empty.

I have my excuses, I guess. I've been putting in a lot of overtime at work. It's "tax season" and we're really busy.

After sitting at a computer for twelve hours a day at work, it's pretty hard to get in front of one at home and be entertaining.

Yeah yeah yeah . . . who said I was ever entertaining? I get it.

"So what about when you were on vacation?" You may ask. Well, maybe you hadn't heard. I was busy having a baby.

Okay, so it was more like sitting around waiting for him and then fighting to get a chance to poke him. And squeeze his cheeks. And running my fingers through his hair imagining how awesome it will be when it's styled in a mohawk.

This week, I've been babysitting the dogs. Sure, it sounds easy. Just stop by, throw some food and water in a couple of bowls and you're done.


Maizey and Milo are spoiled. They won't even eat unless there's someone standing there watching them.

And they're really used to someone being there all day. So when I show up, they flip out. I let them in the house and they attack me and then each other. I learned to open one door and the let them right out the other. They did all their show off fight moves outside. It was much safer. For me.

Especially since they drew blood the first night! Somehow, Maizey shoved her paw all the way up my nose and ripped the inside of my nostril up. It felt awesome!

I think that watching the dogs really helps prepare me for babysitting children, too. I'm learning patience and cleanliness.

I was cooking some rice for my dinner while I was at Chris and Jacque's the other night. My brother called me up and we discussed basketball and babies.

I was a little distracted and while stirring the rice, some of it popped out onto the floor.

"Dangit! I just dumped crap all over the floor! Eat it, pupies!"

"Oh that's great. Is that how you're going to watch my kid? 'Crap! I spilled stuff on the floor! Lick it up, kid!'"

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