So Much Younger Than Today


You know how sometimes I just seem to drop off the face of the earth and don't post for long stretches of time?

Sometimes I don't feel like writing or I can't think of anything to write about. I'm trying to do better and am starting to stockpile stories to use if (and when!) writers' block hits again.

I wouldn't be surprised if my stockpile runs out soon. So I'm looking to you, dear readers. I'm asking for help in two different ways, for now.

First, make requests. My brain is old and I don't always remember things. Any requests will be reminders and provide me with fresh ideas.

Second I'm wondering if any of you would like to be a guest star here at Heart, Aunt Bee.

This is your chance to get back at me for any embarrassment I may have caused you in the past.

I just came up with this bright idea, so it's nothing I've fully planned out. Submit what you'd like; a movie review, a memory, a political rant or a complaint about me. I'll post it here at some point. It all depends on how many submissions I get and how much writers' block I have.

Email your requests and writings. If you're sending a story, be sure to include a photo of yourself, or I'll have to pick one out myself. Which may result in more embarrassment for you!

I'm going to predict maybe one guest entry per month. And that's aiming high!

But maybe you'll all surprised me. Perhaps you're all secret Shakespeares!

But just going off the number of comments I get, I don't think I'll set my hopes too high!

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