I'll Only Fly Away


Apparently, everyone's moving on to big-kid beds.

Almost as soon as I arrived yesterday, Evan led me back to show me his bed. No more caging that kid in at night!

I oohed and ahhed and told him what a big boy he was as he rolled around and acted cool. We high-fived and then headed out to help Jacque with dinner.

Normally, at bedtime, Jacque has to chase Evan down and carry him to bed. Last night, he practically ran to bed.

I thought this might bode well. If he likes the bed that much, surely he'd want to hang out in it. But just a few minutes after Jacque returned to the living room, we heard the pitter patter of his feet rushing down the hallway.

Over and over again, Jacque would turn Evan right back around and put him in bed. She would sit with him for awhile, hoping he'd fall asleep.

Finally, she came out triumphant. He'd finally fallen asleep.

We cheered--very quietly. Then I rambled on about my trip to KC.

We were both startled by a loud ring. It almost sounded like her phone, but the ring was different.

"Is it yours?" she asked. But my phone was sitting right beside me.

Jacque jumped up and ran to figure out what was going on since she didn't want Evan to get back up. I sat wondering if there was some kind of alarm going off and thinking I might want to run for my life.

I heard Jacque's voice. She obviously wasn't answering the phone.

"Evan! Get to bed!"

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