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Storm Clouds

I'd been planning to go to Worlds of Fun for months and finally decided to go on Columbus Day weekend. That would give me a whole extra day to rest and recuperate.

But then I decided to go to the KU vs KSU game. So I pushed the trip back one week. I'm a brat.

When Columbus Day weekend cam around and the weather was beautiful, I knew I had made a bad decision. I became obsessed with watching the weather.

At first, it appeared that the rain would stay west of Kansas City until Sunday. Since we were planning on going to Worlds of Fun on Saturday, I thought we might be okay.

As I drove to newton early Saturday morning, I saw a lot of lightning to the northeast. That wasn't a good sign.

By the time we got to Lawrence to pick up Raw, it was pretty much pouring and we had already decided Worlds of Fun just wasn't in the cards for us that day. I was really disappointed but kept my fingers crossed.

We were determined to have fun anyway and headed east to the Sushi Train.

By the time we got there, we were starving and really excited. raw and I had never eaten there and couldn't wait to try all kinds of tasty sushi.

Casey was the first to notice there were no cars at Sushi Train. We pulled up to find it was closed.

Would things ever go right for us?

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