Risin' to the Street

This is the first post of many about my birthday trip to KC. Enjoy!

Who's Buying Breakfast?

Yes, I made it back from my trip to KC. I've just been busy recovering.

Raw headed north on Friday. She did some shopping, picked up a new bed for Sophia, hung out with some friends and let the girls get reacquainted with Pat. Pat was Sophia's daycare provider and would be watching the girls while we partied in KC.

Casey and I had to work Friday, so we were going to head up together. I called Casey on Friday night to see what time he wanted to leave in the morning.

"Whenever you want to. It's your weekend."

"Um . . . Would you maybe want to leave at seven?"

I was pretty sure he was going to tell me I was crazy. Instead he said "I'll be up. But you won't be here that early."

Like I do pretty much anytime Casey says something to me, I took offense. "Just for that, I totally will be there at seven!"

Casey continued with his disbelief and even tried to bet me fifty bucks I wouldn't make it. "But I'm talking seven. Not seven-o-one."

"Okay but it can't be seven by your clock. Because you'll see me rollin' up at a quarter 'til and then set your clock to say a quarter after!"

Since we both have Sprint for a mobile carrier, we decided to go by phone time. He must have remembered I grew up on early mornings tailgating. And play practices at six-thirty in the morning. Or rolling out for a debate tournament at five.

Casey tried to take back his fifty dollar bet. "We didn't shake on it!"

"Fine! I'll be there at seven and you're buying breakfast!"

Guess who bought my bacon-egg-and-cheese biscuit that was supposed to be a bacon-egg-and-cheese McMuffin?

I hate McDonald's.

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