Where Did I Get all These Selfish Genes

Mmm . . . Cake!

This weekend is my big "Let's celebrate my birthday forever" weekend in KC.

I've planned on cramming Saturday full of Worlds of Fun and then Fun in Westport.

The last time I was in Westport for my birthday, I got a little silly. I was ordering the wrong drinks and had a few myself which led to trouble.

Westport is a pretty old and the roads are steep and full of little pot-holey dips.

We were leaving the bar we had been hanging out at when something happened behind me and I turned to look back up the stairs.

I still don't even know what really happened. I'm pretty sure I got my heel caught in a pothole and turned my ankle.

Oh yeah and I fell flat on my ass.

Did any of my family or friends come rushing to see if I was okay? Of course not! Strangers came and helped me to my feet! Karma's a bitch, right?

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