A Concoction of Some Different Ghetto Blocks

Yes.  That's Hot Dogs and Mustard.

Can somebody come over and do my dishes?

I went to the kitchen to make my normal frozen burrito dinner when I noticed my sweet potatoes. I'd bought them to have another go at Awesome Stew. Instead they were just sitting there.

I figured I should use them before they start growing and talking to me. Like the stuff in my fridge.

So I made not one but two concoctions! I made a sweet potato chicken curry thing that ended up looking like my stew but I used a bunch of canned crap. And then I made sweet potato apple crisp.

I think I'm going to open a sweet potato restaurant.

That is not a picture of what I cooked tonight. That is a picture of the Coney Island pizza Jacque got last week at Knolla's.

Yes that is mustard. And chili.

No, you're not seeing things. Those are hot dogs.

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