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Mmm . . . Cake!

The other day at work, this girl I don't even know walked by and said "I think that's a really cute shirt." I realized she was talking to me.

"Oh. Thanks." That's where most people would end the conversation but my mouth just never wants to stop. "I got it on clearance at Target. I don't think there's any left."

Is it sad that I would know that all four Target stores in Wichita are out of a particular shirt?

"I didn't know Target had cute stuff like that."

The world stopped around me. What was this crazy lady talking about?

"I never go to Target!"

I clutched my chest. "My heart! You break my heart! Target is my favorite!"

And she continued walking.

I know I may be creepy but I have reasons for feeling as passionately as I do about Target as opposed to other stores. Mostly because I never read stories like this about Target:

This is Why You Never Order Custom Cakes from WalMart.

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