Good Times, and Faces that Remind Me

Cassie, Tonya, Nadia and Chris

I've been doing a lot of getting together with people lately.

As many of you know from experience, I'm not a great communicator. I mean, I can talk and all . . . I'm just not good at keeping in touch. I don't call. I don't write. I'm a jerk.

But somehow, the last couple of weeks seem to be full of reuiniting.

Tonight, I got to hang out for like five minuteswith my friend from back home, Jennifer. We haven't seen each other in over five years.

Jen was my anchor when I lived in Lawrence. We started the college experience together, as roommates. It didn't take long for us to make other friends and start hanging out with separate crowds.

But Jen was always just a phone call away. Like when my car wouldn't start. Or when it was Winter Break and we were the only souls left in Lawrence. Or when she needed someone to go to traffic court with her.

I raced east to fit in a quick bite with Jen and her friend Holly. They were going to the seven o'clock movie, so by the time I made my way through traffic, we had like five minutes to hang out.

Holly is a hair stylist and asked me where I get my hair did and offered to give me her card. It was a tempting offer--she works at a place called The Bee Hive!--but I'd never cheat on Tonya!

Tonya was the first on my reunion list. I took her to Sumo for birthday sushi. I was only about a month late on that dinner . . .

About a week after her birthday dinner, Tonya sent me a text message. "Do you want to come in for a cut on Saturday?"

I laughed and replied. "Are you implying I need a cut?"

I did. I'm horrible about keeping up with my hair. I know it drives Tonya crazy. But she managed to salvage some hair and gave me an awesome cut. It's pretty short and I still feel kinda naked, but I love it.

It's too bad I waited so long. I could've been totally hot for the second birthday celebration at Sumo I attended. Nadia was turning fifty and gathered a bunch of people together to sing to her.

I was pretty nervous because I hadn't seen many of these people in quite some time. And it's not even my fault! I had actually made an effort with most of them. Well, for longer than I normally put effort into things. Payback, right?

I ended up having a pretty good time. I arrived early and headed back to the bar to calm my nerves. Chad and Chris were already at a table. I pulled Chris up to the bar with me. I told the bartender that I wanted a Black Russian. "And she needs a menu because she'll have something girly."

And she did. Chris ordered a Madame Butterfly and a Panty Dropper for Chad.

The party eventually made its way over to the tables. I ended up by the birthday girl. The waiter introduced himself as Todd and said "I'm great, thanks!"

Nadia and I turned to each other with the same thought. "Did anyone ask him?"

"No," She answered. "Does anyone care?"

Allie was there with her boyfriend, Bryan. This was really quite a miracle.

Why? Well, it's not often that Allie has a boyfriend. It's not that she doesn't like boys. She loves boys! Allie's just not a relationship kind of girl.

Yet, somehow Bryan and Allie have been an item for around eight months. It's seriously a world record for her!

This was my first time meeting Bryan and I can see why he's lasted. He's very smiley and super friendly, just like Allie. And he has firm buns.

How do I know? I grabbed them. I know. I'm embarrassed. I guess I calmed my nerves too much.

Tasha sat beside me, too. She didn't bring her boyfriend, Gabe. I guess she didn't want me to molest him.

At the end of the night, Tasha was loading a box with food to bring to Gabe. We gave her the leftover sushi to throw in. Gabe was going to have quite a snack!

A few days later, Tasha sent out a text message. "I'M ENGAGED!!!"

I congratulated her and told her that it was all because of the sushi.

Hey--after ruining an engagement, I'm going to jump at the chance to say I helped with one!

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