Take One Step in Front of Me


I wasn't feeling particularly perky today and I think maybe I affected my co-workers.

I started to walk into our building and saw someone coming out. So I stood by the door and waited.

The lady was in a hurry and probably a little freaked out that I was just standing there. She was kinda just flying by and just as I went to reach for the door, I watched her miss the one step to the sidewalk.

*WHAM!* Down she went!

I'm not a total jerk. I tried to reach for her. It just all happened so fast.

I didn't really want to leave her, either. But she told me she was okay and limped off.

I went inside and told one of my neighbors what had happened.

"Is she still out there?"

Yeah! I'm so cold and heartless that I stepped over her moaning body to get inside!

About an hour later, I heard a commotion and looked up. Everyone else was looking around, too but otherwise, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Except that chair. What was that chair doing over there?

Then I saw my neighbor's head peeking around. He was quite red in the face.

I guess when he sat down, he kinda missed his chair and it flew down the aisle. He fell flat on his bum.

I couldn't help feeling I had a poltergeist around me that was shoving people around.

PS--I am really a jerk because I'm telling you this. But when the lady fell down in front of me, this is pretty much what her reaction was--except more embarrassed:

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