It Started So Easy

I came home and someone was blasting the Air Supply. Awesome!

I was looking up the song on Amazon and found Sexton Blake Plays the Hits! It looks full of not just Makin' Love, but other awesome songs!

Then, while looking up that video, I found the same song by Bonnie Tyler. Way awesome!

Okay, so it's not super awesome or anything. I don't know what's going on at the beginning and the opera stuff is weird, but it's Bonnie Tyler! She sang one of my favorite songs ever!

No really. I was seriously obsessed with that song when I was a kid. When I looked this up on Amazon, I find out that she also did covers of two of my other all-time favorites:

That's being brutally honest, folks!

Can you imagine creating a song like that?

Do you see how easily I get lost among the internets?

I didn't know Aretha played piano!

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